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Trinity Proactive Rehab Inc. is a provincially incorporated company in New Brunswick, providing bilingual assessment and rehabilitation services throughout the province.


To provide objective assessments and evidence-based rehabilitation services that are of the highest quality and cost effective. The goal is to optimize client functioning at home, at work, and in the community.


To work in partnership with injured/disabled individuals, referral sources and the client's healthcare team to enhance rehabilitation outcomes and remove barriers to employment and/or independence in daily living activities.

Occupational Therapy Services

Our occupational therapists will evaluate each client's service needs in accordance with our professional standards to develop an assessment and / or treatment plan.

Future Cost Of Care

Our Future Cost of Care reports are prepared by our Senior Occupational Therapists, who maintain a disciplined balance of treatment and expert work, which will ensure our reports are realistic, current, and credible. Our Occupational Therapists have expertise and training for complex injuries and chronic health conditions, including acquired brain injury, psychological impairments, orthopedic impairments, amputations and musculoskeletal injuries.

Vocational Services

The Vocational Services team is led by Ms. Janice Taylor, Occupational Therapist, with over 20 years of experience in vocational rehabilitation and in the area of work disability. Our longstanding commitment to vocational rehabilitation and return to work, as treatment providers, informs our expert vocational assessments.


Acupuncture restores the body's flow of energy or Qi strengthening its ability to defend itself against disease. It reduces pain, calms the nervous system and improves overall health and well-being and has also been shown to increase blood circulation in treated areas as well as reduce inflammation. An acupuncture treatment starts with the identification of key health issues and the establishment of a diagnosis and treatment plan based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Other treatment modalities often practiced under the umbrella of acupuncture are Auricular Therapy, Cupping and recommendation on lifestyle.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about each of the above services.